Paid Ads Performance Monitoring

Meeting and beating your goals made easy

Are you on track to meet your paid ads goals?

Stop guessing and start knowing, with MarketingLytics

Actionable Insights

Know exactly when your paid advertising is underperforming, allowing you to make changes and get back on target quickly.

Timely Alerts

Get email notifications when there’s critical month-over-month performance changes in your paid ads account.

Peace of Mind

Your dashboard unlocks month-over-month performance data and actionable insights to know where you stand, 24/7.

Peace of mind with email alerts

Know which metrics are falling short, giving you the information you need to make the right fixes, fast.

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Live monitoring, 24/7

No more wondering whether or not your ads are performing to your expectations, rest easy knowing you’re on target.

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We integrate with all major paid channels

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Stay on top of your paid ads goals, with MarketingLytics